Michael Fassbender plays it cool in the trailer for the western Slow West

I'm pretty sure Michael Fassbender could play just about any character in any movie, but we can finally cross 'cool cowboy' off that list. In SLOW WEST, we follow a 16-year-old boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) on a journey across 19th Century frontier America in search of the woman he loves, while accompanied by mysterious traveler Silas (Fassbender). As you can imagine, the frontier is filled to the brim will all sorts of unsavory characters, and you can see some of the trouble they get into in the trailer below.

Chris Bumbray was fortunate enough to catch a viewing of SLOW WEST at Sundance this year (you can check out his review here) and as he notes, the film really excels at mixing black humor with its characters. That's the vibe that stuck out most for me while watching the trailer, and Fassbender just seals the deal as far as a viewing is concerned. It's also great to see Rory McCann (Game of Throne's The Hound) in that mix! That man can bring it!

SLOW WEST will see a limited theatrical and VOD release later this year.

slow-west-michael-fassbender-kodi-smit-mcpheeWould I let Michael Fassbender shave me? Don't be silly. Of course I would.

Source: A24

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