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Necessary Evil: Teacher's Convention Horror!

Hello there, fright friends! I hope you had a killer Halloween! I had a blast reading through your thoughts on our last Michael Myers Necessary Evil which posed a possible idea for the next entry in the Halloween franchise. For today's column, we are taking inspiration from another forgotten holiday. For our readers in high school or below, you are most likely home today...
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Necessary Evil: Self-Aware Haunting Movie

Howdy all! Welcome back to another rendition of horror that has to happen! I enjoyed reading everyone's reaction to our last Memorial Day Necessary Evil . This Friday sees the release of James Wan's The Conjuring 2 , which I hear is fantastic! So, in the spirit of the latest haunted home/possession film hitting theaters, we decided to offer our own version of the...
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Sacrifice, starring Radha Mitchell, to be released by IFC Midnight

  Radha Mitchell doesn't get enough credit for being a modern day scream queen. Think about all of the genre credits under her belt: PITCH BLACK , ROGUE , SILENT HILL , THE CRAZIES , EVIDENCE , the upcoming THE DARKNESS ... girl's got horror cred. And here's another! SACRIFICE , a Scotland-set thriller that IFC Midnight will release on VOD April 29th. From...
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Flightplan writer to Sacrifice Radha Mitchell, Rupert Graves and Colm Meaney

Peter A. Dowling, who wrote 2005's Jodie Foster-starring FLIGHTPLAN and directed 2008's tense thriller STAG NIGHT, is set to helm the upcoming thriller SACRIFICE from his adapted screenplay based on the novel by S.J. Bolton, and he's bringing along PITCH BLACK star Radha Mitchell, "Sherlock" actor Rupert Graves and the always fantastic Colm Meaney (CON AIR) to...
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Kill of the Day: Jaws 2 (1978)

Let's face it, there's no creature-based horror flick that is ever going to match JAWS. That movie will stand the test of time, no doubt about it. Regardless of that though, there were actually sequels put out for JAWS. I know! Crazy, right? At least one good thing came from the rest of the franchise - fun death scenes for Kill of the Day! Today we're looking at this scene from JAWS 2...
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