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Interview: Director Mariano Baino talks Lovecraftian horror film Dark Waters

ORDER YOUR COPY HERE! Sorry to be blunt, but want to see something really f*cked up? If so, you'd be wise to check out Mariano Baino's bizarre, nightmarish "nunsploitation" flick DARK WATERS , which was originally released in 1994 but has just recently received a stellar Blu-ray restoration courtesy of Severin Films. This movie has it all: crazed nuns, Lovecraftian monsters,...
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1976 slasher Drive-In Massacre is coming to Blu-ray from Severin Films

If I were given hours to ponder what slasher movies might soon be getting the special edition Blu-ray treatment, I don't think my mind would ever stumble across DRIVE-IN MASSACRE . It wouldn't occur to me to give director Stu Segall's 1976 slasher a Blu-ray upgrade, but it did occur to the folks at Severin Films, who will be releasing their DRIVE-IN MASSACRE Blu-ray on...
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Severin Films unleashes Bloody Birthday, The Baby and Bloody Moon on Blu-ray

Three obscure thrillers are heading to Blu-ray for the first time courtesy of Severin Films, which alongside Scream Factory continues to provide genre fans with insane 70s and 80s horror trash classics in high-def. This July, Severin is bringing us Ed Hunt's BLOODY BIRTHDAY , Ted Post's THE BABY , and Jess Franco's BLOODY MOON . THE BABY is an absolute must; deranged...
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Severin Films to release original Patrick on Blu-ray

Three ‘Ozploitation’ horrors, PATRICK , DEAD KIDS and THIRST , will have their Blu-ray debut from Severin Films on March 11th. PATRICK of course has been remade recently, with a theatrical and VOD release on March 14th planned. In PATRICK… A comatose killer is seemingly unresponsive in a small private hospital. But when a hot new nurse begins to question his condition, Patrick...
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70s cult classics House on Straw Hill and House of Seven Corpses will hit Blu-ray in June

Severin Films have announced the long awaited June 11th Blu-ray + DVD combo US debut release of the controversial shocker HOUSE ON STRAW HILL and the creepy classic THE HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES . Good news on Good Friday! HOUSE ON STRAW HILL, which was banned in Britain as a Video Nasty for thirty years, stars cult movie icon Udo Kier, Fiona Richmond, and Linda Hayden. The plot:...
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