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Anna Foerster to helm sequel to 2011's Source Code

2011's Jake Gyllenhaal-starring SOURCE CODE was a taut and intelligently-written sci-fi tale from director Duncan Jones (MOON), and now it looks like a sequel is coming our way from The Mark Gordon Company and Vendome Pictures, according to Variety. The original film's screenwriter Ben Ripley is back to work on this new installment, but don't expect Gyllenhaal or Duncan...
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Top 10 Time Travel Thrillers!

What is it about time travel that makes for such entertaining cinema? Is it the uncertainty? The wonderment? The endless possibilities? The innate desire to move up and down, backwards and forwards through our own personal chronology? The ability to change the past and alter the future? Whatever the fascination, time travel has been a staple of movie plots for almost as long as the medium has...
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Dissecting Actress Vera Farmiga!

ACTRESS VERA FARMIGA! Damn, how good of an actor is Vera Farmiga? Seriously, who'd ever have thought the sexy blue-eyed stunner would become, if not an outright new generational scream queen of sorts, at least a formidable horror mainstay? I sure as hell didn't! After-all, Vera has essayed every genre under the sun, from intense drama (DOWN TO THE BONE, UP IN...
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