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Top 10 Horrific Man-Anmial Hybrids!

Dude, TUSK? What else is there to say other than...WTF?!? Personally speaking, even if I weren't a lifelong Kevin Smith fan - in particular his sinister newfound collaborations with the great Michael Parks - the sheer insanity of the premise alone makes TUSK a must-see. I mean, Michael Parks going to painstaking lengths to morph Justin Long into a human Walrus? Holy F*ck! So, as the flick...
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Scream Factory reveals Squirm Blu-ray art

Earlier this month we got the fantastic news that none other than Scream Factory would be releasing a Collector’s Edition of Jeff Lieberman's 1976 cult classic SQUIRM on Blu-ray, and today they have unveiled their newly-designed artwork for the release and it’s pretty awesome. Paul Shipper—who just recently designed the upcoming HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE...
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Squirm crawls onto Blu-ray this October from Scream Factory

Scream Factory continues to pull up forgotten gems and shine the Blu-ray spotlight on them as they have just announced a surprise title that will be hitting Blu-ray for the first time ever in the U.S. and Canada. Now joining their Collector’s Edition series is Jeff Lieberman’s 1976 SQUIRM which is expected to crawl onto shelves this October! While no exact release date has...
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Jeff Lieberman's cult classic Squirm hitting UK Blu-Ray & DVD September 23

We're big fans of the 'nature run amok' subgenre, so when we heard that Arrow Video was set to release Jeff Lieberman's 1976 cult classic SQUIRM onto UK Blu-Ray and DVD, we just had to share the news. We've always shown SQUIRM a lotta love (most recently with our Back to the Drive-in column which you can read HERE ), so you can bet that we're eager to get our...
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