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Popcorn back on Blu-ray & DVD in October! Here are the special features!

One of my absolute favorite "lesser-known" slasher flicks is the awesome 80's-style horror romp POPCORN . Sure the movie was made in the 90's but who's counting? The flick is usually the TOP choice when people ask me for a hidden gem. A while back we let you guys know that the classic slasher flick was getting a Blu-ray release via Synapse Films, and...
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Synapse is bringing out Lamberto Bava's Demons this year!

I hope you guys haven't imported that Arrow Video reissue of DEMONS from last year. Nothing against the fine British company (well, aside from the fact they're no longer region free), but Synapse is going to be taking a hi-def crack at the Lamberto Bava classic sometime this year. The company has yet to dish any further details on the Blu-ray disc, but you can be sure it'll be...
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