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Can you see that goofball at the right starring as Batman? Neither can I but apparently someone can. Reports popped up late last week and early this week that Warner Bros' number one choice to star as Batman was Ashton Kutcher. First came E! Online, then came Dark Horizons and then Batman-on-Film, all corroborating the rumor through separate inside sources. Needless to say this sparked a firestorm of controversy as fanboys worldwide choked on their microwave burrito and Bob Kane's grave started spinning like a top. I kept my mouth shut until I could dig deeper into these rumors because I wanted to count to 10, close my eyes and hope that when I opened them it was all a bad dream. Was it? Well not really no. Ashton Kutcher quite apparently was and still is the BATMAN star of choice for Warner Bros.

Now that the smoke has cleared (somewhat) we can take a look-see at what's going on. Like I said above, Kutcher is the top choice to star in BATMAN for Warner Bros. execs who were apparently so wowed by his SUPERMAN screen test, they've had him in mind for the Dark Knight since Day One. But since director Christopher Nolan is a wise, wise man, he's not quite sold on the Kutcher idea. Because the WB respects and has a decent working relationship with Nolan, they haven't forced Kutcher down his throat. Doing so could only unearth another SUPERMAN-esque debacle which nobody wants. So Nolan has asked for, and apparently received, a casting extension until the end of the summer. This gives him two more months to either a) convince Warners of his suggestions (i.e., Guy Pierce) or b) become convinced himself that Kutcher is indeed the right guy for the part.

As it stands now, BATMAN is on the super-duper-fasttrack with the studio feeling this is the best chance it has (CATWOMAN aside) to get a comic book movie based on one of its popular characters in theaters. A tentative release date of summer 2005 has been pencilled in and once a suitable lead is decided upon at the end of this summer, filming could begin as early as late 2003/early 2004. So everyone can relax for the time being and wait with bated breath for the end of August to roll around. Thanks to Batman-on-Film and ChristopherNolan.net for help in the research.

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