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Review: The Pyramid

PLOT : When an archeologist team find themselves delving into a mysterious underground pyramid, they make a harrowing discovery. It seems some of the ancient beliefs written on the walls may be true, and they are about to witness them firsthand. Will they survive? Some secrets – and this movie - should stay buried. REVIEW : There is another “found footage”...
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Top 10 Movie Mummies of All Time

The found footage mummy movie THE PYRAMID opens today which obviously begs the question: what versions of the ancient Egyptian burial method are the best on screen? Since the invention of film, mummies have been a terror despite their slow gait and penetrable bodies. But, we have compiled a list of the ten best versions on film. Some are scary, some are funny, and some are Irish! Check out...
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Exclusive: Alexandre Aja talks The Pyramid in new featurette

While it may have been easy to dismiss THE PYRAMID as yet another found footage horror movie, I’m finding myself intrigued by the notion that the movie seems to have a lot more to offer. The movie comes from first time director Grégory Levasseur , the guy who wrote HIGH TENSION and the underrated 2006 remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES . The featurette we have today puts THE...
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First trailer for The Pyramid unleashes some ancient evil

Yesterday we revealed the poster for this horror flick from producer Alexandre Aja (Director of HORNS and HIGH TENSION) and today we get our first glimpse of some footage from the film. If you're wondering why pyramids haven't been tapped more for some creepy-ass settings in films, you're not the only one. THE PYRAMID looks to fully utilize the location, the traps that...
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Exclusive: Poster debut for horror flick The Pyramid

Horror writer Gregory Levasseur , who co-wrote THE HILLS HAVE EYES and MANIAC remake, as well as P2 and HIGH TENSION along with Alexandre Aja , is now getting behind the camera for THE PYRAMID, which is set to debut this December. Today, we have the exclusive poster debut for the horror film from 20th Century Fox, which gives us our first taste of the marketing for the film. Simple,...
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Review: Plus One

PLOT: A raucous college party gets even crazier when doubles of the guests begin to blend into the crowd following a meteor crash nearby. REVIEW: It's a minor achievement, but it must be said that PLUS ONE (or +1) is something quite unexpected. What could have been a standard-issue INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS type thriller is instead a largely ambiguous brain-teaser; a...
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