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Frank Miller talks Darren Aronofsky's abandoned Batman movie

Most of you probably already know the story, so I'll keep this short: After Joel Schumacher kicked the Batman film franchise square in its codpiece with BATMAN & ROBIN, but before Christopher Nolan gave it new life with BATMAN BEGINS, comic book writer Frank Miller was developing a Bat flick loosely inspired by his Batman: Year One storyline with director Darren Aronofsky...
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Cool Videos: Supercut of every time Batman's parents have died on screen

Gotham premiered earlier this week on FOX (you can read our review from SDCC 2014 here ), and with it came yet another version of Bruce Wayne's parents being murdered. Like the previous ones, it hit most of the same beats: Crime Alley, the pearls falling...you know the drill. Vulture has created a fun (in a f*cked up kind of way) supercut of every time young Bruce has had to...
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Today's Awesome Money-Saving Deals on Amazon: Drive, Serenity, Coen Bros Collection, and more!

Today's Titles : BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD, BATMAN: YEAR ONE, Coen Brothers Collection, DRIVE, THE EXPENDABLES, THE HURT LOCKER, GANGS OF NEW YORK, The Godfather Collection, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, RED DAWN, SERENITY, SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN 2, and TOTAL RECALL (Schwarzenegger). There are hundreds of movies released every year, and hundreds of Blu-Rays and DVDs that soon...
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