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New info and sizzle trailer for Cartoon Network's Beware The Batman have arrived!

Cartoon Network has issues a press release and a sizzle trailer for their new Batman animated series, Beware The Batman, highlighting the CGI visuals as well as the character breakdowns, including new heroes and villains with some old ones with a different take than we've seen before. The sizzle trailer is pretty fun and flashy, hitting all the marks you've come to expect from a...
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Warner Bros. to "tone down" Cartoon Network's Beware The Batman in wake of shootings

Well, this is sure to ruffle some feathers.  After the horrific events in Aurora, Colorado this month, it seems that Warner Bros. is not only making changes to their live action features, but their animation as well.  Word is that WB are altering the tone and violence of Cartoon Network's Beware the Batman animated series, which is set to debut next year. According to...
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