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Cast This: The Batman

While the impressive roster of DC Comics characters has been making its way to theaters over the past few years, they can't exactly be accused of presenting a meticulously crafted universe with a well-organized long-term plan. Four loosely connected movies with DC superheroes (and villains) have made it to screens so far, but just about everything else involving the popular...
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Cast This: The Losers Club (adult version) from It: Chapter Two

The adaptation of Stephen King 's IT demolished box office expectations with a killer opening weekend of $123 million , undoubtedly leading audiences (and fans of the massive novel) to wonder when they'll get the next terrifying chapter of the Losers Club on the big screen. The next part of the R-rated horror tale is indeed coming (of course). And like the book...
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Cast This: The Joker (Origin movie)

While Marvel has enjoyed monumental prosperity by presenting their comic characters in a relatively cohesive movie universe, their "Distinguished Competition" hasn't been quite as fortunate so far. Warner Bros. (which owns DC Comics) made an attempt to introduce several major characters into a shared world by springboarding from MAN OF STEEL, resulting in BATMAN V....
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Cast This: Case in Neuromancer (from Deadpool director Tim Miller)

William Gibson 's crucial 1984 futuristic novel NEUROMANCER has been wildly influential over the years  -- everything from movies like THE MATRIX and GHOST IN THE SHELL to countless videogames, comics, books, TV shows and real technology owes an incalculable debt to Gibson's seminal cyberpunk story. But despite its undeniable impact, an actual movie adaptation of...
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Cast This: Ivan Drago's son in Rocky spinoff Creed 2

It's not an exaggeration to say that the ROCKY movies were inconsistent in presenting memorable opponents for Sylvester Stallone 's "Italian Stallion" to face in the ring. The first ROCKY and its sequel gave us Apollo Creed ( Carl Weathers ), who went from rival to respected friend, and ROCKY III gave us a straight-up cartoonish villain thanks to Clubber Lang ( Mr. T...
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Cast This: Captain America

Whoa, now, waitaminnit -- cast Captain America?!? You may be thinking "Hey slappy, we've got a perfectly good Captain America already, and his name is Chris Evans !" Indeed, Chris Evans has expertly embodied Marvel's star-spangled hero since 2011, when he first subjected himself to the Super Soldier serum and duked it out with WWII villain Red Skull in CAPTAIN...
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Cast This: Carnage (in Sony's Spider-Man spinoff Venom)

Before Spider-Man could swing into his own solo Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure with SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING , Sony was already preparing a series of movies starring the wall-crawler's comic book supporting characters, beginning with supervillain/antihero VENOM . Tom Hardy will wear the living black suit with the flailing tongue, but there seems to be some confusion as...
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Cast This: Marvel's She-Hulk

With the box office success of WONDER WOMAN , hopefully DC Comics' amazing Amazon will open the floodgates for even more adaptations of strong comic book superwomen who are still awaiting the live-action treatment, including a personal fave: Marvel's feisty jade giantess herself, She-Hulk. TANK GIRL director Rachel Talalay (who furthered her comic book bona fides with...
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Cast This: Black Cat and Silver Sable (Spider-Man spinoff)

Spider-Man finally joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his third live-action movie iteration, but we may not be able to say the same for some of his supporting characters. Sony Pictures (which has been the superhero's cinematic home since Tobey Maguire crawled onto screens in 2002) is launching a series of Spidey-related movies that will include Tom Hardy as...
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Cast This: Geralt of The Witcher (Netflix series)

As we continue to wait for a great movie adaptation of a video game (how many of us thought ASSASSIN'S CREED might finally break the trend?), one popular game series -- or at least its source material -- is moving to the small screen instead. Rather than trying to condense the extensive realm of the Continent and its bestiary of horrors into a feature-length movie, the epic...
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Cast This: He-Man (Masters of the Universe)

Over the past decade, Hollywood nostalgia for famous properties from the 1980s has given us (among other things) a seemingly endless live-action TRANSFORMERS franchise, a trio of SMURFS movies, a couple of big-screen G.I. JOE missions and one JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. But one guy who can't seem to get a break is He-Man. In the thirty years since shirtless Dolph Lundgren battled...
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Cast This: Adam Warlock (Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3)

Even with the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanding further into the far reaches of the galaxy, there's one major cosmic character (that Marvel has the rights to) who has yet to make the leap from the comic pages: Adam Warlock is still waiting for his big-screen introduction. Writer-director James Gunn has stated that Warlock is one of his favorites, and had originally...
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