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Review: Closed Circuit

PLOT : After a deadly terrorist attack at a busy London market, one man is taken into custody as a suspected member of a terrorist cell. His high profile court case gets especially complicated when two ex-lovers are hired on to defend the accused man. REVIEW : CLOSED CIRCUIT presents an intriguing idea in the form of a suspense thriller surrounding a terrorist attack on London. It...
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Engaging trailer for UK terrorism thriller Closed Circuit starring Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall

This one was never on my radar until today, but after seeing the trailer for CLOSED CIRCUIT I'm certainly intrigued. Starring Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall as ex-lovers put on the defense team of a terrorist who carried out an attack on UK soil, the suspense thriller has all the usual ticks you look for in the genre; political intrigue, mysterious motives, and...closed circuit cameras. It...
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