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Check out our Underworld Cosplay takeover on Twitter with Hendo Art!

All right, lovers of UNDERWORLD, cosplay, beautiful women, vampires, and everything in between, we've got a treat for you today! In anticipation of the release of UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS on blu-ray/DVD, we've got famed cosplayer HendoArt gearing up for a Selene cosplay photoshoot with Kate Beckinsale's make-up artist from the film. To capture the awesomeness of this event,...
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NYCC 2016: Best Of Cosplay Gallery and Video!

It’s that time of year again, folks! Scissor-smiths, savvy sewing needle seamstresses, and fabric fetishests from every fandom have converged on New York City Comic Con 2016! Dressed to the nines and ready to strut their stuff, the cosplayers of this year’s show are keen to pose, promote, and present their predilections for crafty creativity. For us, admiring the variety of...
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NYCC 2016: Preview Night Convention Floor Pics!

Ladies and gentlemen, geeks of all ages, welcome to NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON 2016! Once again, the glass-plated doors of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, New York have opened wide, welcoming guests for a weekend of increasingly pungent fun! Whether you’re looking to show off your latest hand-made cosplay, inquire about the CGC grading of...
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Cosplay Video and Photo Gallery (Comic Con 2016)

As a long week of fun and busy coverage comes to an end for us here at JoBlo, the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con is officially beginning to wrap up. We still have more coverage to go for you guys but one important thing we always love to share with fans is the incredible cosplay costumes that we encountered throughout the event. From Donald "Joker" Trump to the Silver Surfer, the...
3 Continue Reading's 4th Annual Halloween Costume Contest is on!

Break out your best cosplay folks, as The 4th annual Halloween Costume Contest is on! We love us some Halloween and the costumes that come with it, so we're opening up the doors to your own creative get-ups yet again. With so many of you schmoes bringing your A-Game to our last three Halloween costume contests, we can't wait to see what you come up with for...
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New York City Comic Con 2015 Wrap Up and walkthrough video

New York City Comic Con 2015 has come to pass, and with that many who attended this year's event are left recuperating from the weekend's events. Atendees who only partied at the show for only a day are more than likely bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, by now. Those of us who tirelessly stalked its crowded halls for all 4 days ... well, let's just say that I think...
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Exclusive: New York City Comic Con 2015 Cosplay Video!

In addition to our coverage of several of the featured panels and round-up of art , collectibles , and cosplay of New York City Comic Con 2015, we've also pieced together a video featuring some of the greatest cosplay we'd encountered throughout the weekend. There's never a shortage of clever, sexy, and down-right incredible outfits hailing from the show floor as well as...
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NYCC 2015: Best of Cosplay Gallery

It's that time again, folks! Creative and enthusiastic individuals from all over the globe have traveled to Daredevil's home turf of Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, to invade the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to celebrate their geekdom! Here, at this gathering of comic book heroes, beloved television series, anticipated film projects, and enough squees to put a Babymetal...
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NYCC 2015: Preview Night Convention Floor Pics!

It's that time of the year again, folks! NEW YORK CITY COMIC CON 2015 is alive and kicking, and we'd like to take you on a grand tour of all the outstanding visuals, larger-than-life product placements, and all-out madness ready to help you get your geek on when visiting this year's famed convention floor. Are you in the market for an orc-slaying vorpal blade? Are you...
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Comic Con 2015: Ultimate Cosplay Mashup!

Yesterday, we brought you a look at all of the sexy ladies dressed as their favorite comic book characters. While the bewbage was of high caliber at Comic Con this year, we would be remiss if we didn't bring you a look at all of the intricate costumes designed by the hundreds of cosplayers that descended on San Diego this past weekend. From video games to STAR WARS and small screen fare,...
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Comic Con 2015: Ultimate cosplay hotties mash-up

One of the most exciting aspects of any Con are the costumes and gear worn by fans to support their favorite series and characters. There's just something about women sporting the outfits of admirable movie, TV and comic book heroines that makes the event that much more fun and exciting. In celebration of that, we've compiled a video of some of the best and hottest cosplayers...
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Comic Con 2015: 60 Photos & Video from the Convention Floor!

As our coverage of the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con continues, we now bring what everyone loves which is photos right from the convention floor itself. There's costumes, props, comics, toys, studio displays and so much more. You never know what you're going to find when you enter this great temple of geek-hood so check out the 60 awesome images we posted below and stay tuned for much more...
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