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Black Lightning strikes in the first trailer for CW's newest superhero show

There's a storm coming, as it's been announced that BLACK LIGHTNING is set to debut as a part of The CW's midseason slate. As we'd already learned a ways back, the character will not be a participant as a member of the CW's Arrowverse , but will instead act as a stand-alone series with the intent of establishing its own fanbase and world-building...
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Get your first look at Cress Williams as Black Lightning

The CW's stable of superhero shows keeps growing and we've got our first look at the title character in the latest series to join the ranks: Black Lightning. Armed with the ability to generate and manipulate electricity, Jefferson Pierce had long ago hung up his suit and secret identity, but " with one daughter hell-bent on justice and the other a star student being...
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The CW's Black Lightning strikes with Cress Willams to lead the series

Word has come in that The CW has found its lead for BLACK LIGHTNING, the upcoming superhero show featuring an all-African-American cast to lead the charge. Ah, but who will be touching down as the program's electronically-charged hero? Why, it's none other than Cress Williams, star of such programs as CODE BLACK, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, PRISON BREAK, and...
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