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NBC's Community might be heading to the big screen with Justin Lin directing

How many of you are fans of NBC's Community? I've only seen clips from the series, but most of my friends have told me it's a pretty funny show. A sixth season hasn't been ordered by the network yet, but TV Guide has learned there has been talk about a Community movie. The site has also heard Justin Lin is being considered to direct the film. Justin Lin was...
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Chevy Chase drops out of Community and falls back into obscurity

I don't watch Community.  I gave it a go for the first few episodes and it just wasn't taking.  I like Joel McHale and most of the cast members, especially the sweet young ladies on the show, but the comedy was not taking.  I'm over it.  Don't try to convince me.  I know that lots of folks dig it and I'm cool with that.  So, the news that Chevy Chase is leaving the show may or may not...
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