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Dan Harmon guests on Game Grumps playing the Cat in the Hat game

I swear this is probably the last Game Grumps related post in a while, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a video of Dan Harmon playing the CAT IN THE HAT videogame (based on the Mike Myers film) - whether it involved them or not (because, to be fair, I feel Game Grumps are pretty hit-and-miss, honestly). It also appears it's related to the fact that he's...
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Game Grumps team up with Dan Harmon for eSports comedy series Good Game

I understand the reservations about the rising popularity of Let's Plays and Let's Players on the internet (I mean, there was even a whole SOUTH PARK episode dedicated to it). I mean, why would I want to watch somebody else play games? Well, as someone who isn't very good at games, but appreciates them as forms of art, it's nice to see them played so that I can...
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Dan Harmon developing a TV series based on Kurt Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan

So Dan Harmon seems to be on a sci-fi kick after announcing the third season of RICK AND MORTY recently. Now he's set his sights on adapting beloved sci-fi 1959 novel SIRENS OF TITAN from acclaimed novelist Kurt Vonnegut. That's like, a bunch of things I love in one package - Dan Harmon, Kurt Vonnegut, heady sci-fi - I can barely contain myself! The story itself is about an Martian...
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Dan Harmon addresses the delay of Ricky and Morty's third season

Even as someone who discovered Rick and Morty for the first time just last year, the wait for the third season of the brilliant animated comedy series has been frustratingly long, but, like all good things, I'm perfectly willing to wait. Even after the surprise April Fool's Day airing of the premiere episode, Rick and Morty's third season still doesn't have an official...
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Wubalubadubdub! Rick and Morty VR game Virtual Rick-ality on the way!

RICK AND MORTY is amazing. It's probably my favorite show on the air at the moment. It's of course hilarious, but it also has a heart, with characters you care about who grow and learn. I mean, its heart is admittedly pretty dark and unfeeling at times, but that's what gives the show its unique charm. And the season 3 premiere on April Fool's Day (brilliant in its own...
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Marvel releases two deleted scenes for Doctor Strange

Man, just when I'm getting weary of the MCU, something like DOCTOR STRANGE has to come along and pull me back in. It was fun, irreverent, and trippy. Beyond that, it was clever - like the SPOILER city reversing climax or the non-violent (to his enemy) way Strange defeats Dormammu - which was very refreshing. So it's my pleasure to introduce some deleted scenes, that...
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Almost none of Dan Harmon's jokes made it in the final cut of Doctor Strange

I think it's safe to say most people enjoyed DOCTOR STRANGE. While not perfect, it definitely had some very  unique visuals, as well as a fun climax that both involved being a rebuke of "city destroying" action, as well as having a hero who uses their wits instead of their fists to defeat a villain. So when it was found out that Dan Harmon was brought on to help with...
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F*cking schwifty! A sneak peak at Rick and Morty season 3! *Burp* Hell yeah!

I can say, without hyperbole, that the Adult Swim show RICK AND MORTY is probably one of the best shows on television right now. It is hilarious, fun, exciting, and surprisingly deep and dramatic at times. The line " Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV " is some dark shit, but also touching in a way. And that kind of...
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NBC's Community might be heading to the big screen with Justin Lin directing

How many of you are fans of NBC's Community? I've only seen clips from the series, but most of my friends have told me it's a pretty funny show. A sixth season hasn't been ordered by the network yet, but TV Guide has learned there has been talk about a Community movie. The site has also heard Justin Lin is being considered to direct the film. Justin Lin was...
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Chevy Chase drops out of Community and falls back into obscurity

I don't watch Community.  I gave it a go for the first few episodes and it just wasn't taking.  I like Joel McHale and most of the cast members, especially the sweet young ladies on the show, but the comedy was not taking.  I'm over it.  Don't try to convince me.  I know that lots of folks dig it and I'm cool with that.  So, the news that Chevy Chase is leaving the show may or may not...
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