Rick and Morty Movie: Dan Harmon on his meeting with Zack Snyder and how he’d like the series to end

Dan Harmon opens up about his secret meeting with Zack Snyder and the possibility of developing a Rick and Morty movie.

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With the return of Rick and Morty close at hand, fans can’t help but wonder about what’s next for the Adult Swim series and its cast of disturbed characters. Speaking with Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon about the franchise’s future, the animation guru teased his secret meeting with Sucker Punch and Army of the Dead director Zack Snyder, saying they discussed the possibility of developing a Rick and Morty movie.

This article is not about Snyder directing the would-be project before you start running in circles and shouting in celebration. Talking about the meeting, Harmon told The Hollywood Reporter, “Not him saying, ‘I get to do it,’ or anything like that. He was totally a super fan and was just like, ‘Is there any way I can help get that movie started by using my Snyder-ness?'” recalls Harmon. Making light of the thought of Snyder directing a Rick and Morty feature film, Harmon joked, “So, the Rick and Morty movie is coming as soon as Zack Snyder gets back from his vacation, because I want to start with a Snyder cut of that movie and then I want to do the director’s cut of a Snyder cut release, so we can just have a six-hour Rick and Morty movie and three hours of it is in black and white.”

All joking aside, Harmon would love to bring Rick and Morty to cinemas. While there is no outline, script, or general plan, Harmon says he did meet with Warner Bros. executives about developing a Rick and Morty movie. Harmon left the meeting without a concrete answer. Still, he feels good about the project’s chances of becoming a reality.

“My philosophy would be to just take a Rick and Morty adventure, and spend a bunch of extra money on it and make it 90 minutes long,” Harmon told THR about possibly organizing a Rick and Morty movie in September. The creator also says he’d prefer to work on a Rick and Morty film while the show is still churning out new episodes. “It’s best that way, because I don’t think it should be this canonical thing that relies on the series to do things and changes everything after that,” Harmon says. Adding, “I think it should actually be the equivalent of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the idea was, ‘Hey, Indiana Jones already exists as a series in George Lucas’ imagination, so Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is simply his greatest adventure yet.”


If you think all this talk leads to Rick and Morty‘s conclusion, think again. If Harmon had his way, the show would run for 100 seasons. A new series season arrives on October 15, with scripting for two more seasons nearly complete. In other words, Rick and Morty fans are sitting pretty.

When asked how the series might end, Harmon said the final scene could involve Morty turning 15, getting a girlfriend, and deciding it’s time to grow up.

What do you think about the prospect of Harmon one day developing a Rick and Morty movie? Would you want Zack Snyder involved in some way? How would you end the series? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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