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Exclusive: Go under the sheet in this new A Ghost Story featurette

David Lowery 's A GHOST STORY has stood out as one of the best indie flicks of the year, using the premise of a woman grieving over her husband’s untimely death to explore the nature of time itself and our place in it. The film stars Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck and earned raves from critics and audiences ( read our review here ) and it stands with a terrific 92%...
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First A Ghost Story trailer is haunting & transcendent

With Cinema Con going on we’ll be getting some new trailers, features and goodies about Hollywood’s biggest upcoming projects. The event is taking place at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, for god sakes! But there are lots of smaller films coming our way too…much smaller films. One of those films that should definitely be on your radar is David Lowe ry’s...
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Review: Pete's Dragon

PLOT: An orphaned young boy discovers a dragon in the woods, which he quickly befriends. After some years pass, both are discovered by outsiders, and the friendship is tested as the boy is brought into civilization as the dragon is hunted by frightened townsfolk. REVIEW: PETE'S DRAGON is a disarmingly effective movie. I hesitate to use the term "children's...
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Pete's Dragon flourishes in the latest trailer from Disney

For years, old wood carver Mr. Meacham ( Robert Redford ) has delighted local children with his tales of the fierce dragon that resides deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. To his daughter, Grace ( Bryce Dallas Howard ), who works as a forest ranger, these stories are little more than tall tales...until she meets Pete (Oakes Fegley) and his dragon Elliot. Whoa! Who saw that...
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Disney is making their own live-action version of Peter Pan

No one is asking for another PETER PAN movie. No one. After assaulting audiences with some different take on the character every few years and having audiences soundly reject every single one of them, with PAN over at Warner Bros. being the latest, you'd think that the studios would have gotten the message by now - please, for the love of God, no more PETER PAN. ...
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First teaser for Disney and David Lowery's Pete's Dragon remake

Disney has released the first teaser trailer for its PETE'S DRAGON remake, and it seems the tone of the film is going to be quite different compared to original movie. Directed by AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS' David Lowery, the updated take on the children's classic features the talents of Bryce Dallas Howard , Robert Redford , Wes Bentley , Karl Urban , Oona Laurence...
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Pete's Dragon with Bryce Dallas Howard and Karl Urban begins filming today

If you thought New Zealand had seen the last of dragons in their territory, then you're thinking entirely too much about dragons! Regardless, New Middle-Earthland is now home to at least one more dragon in the form of Walt Disney's PETE'S DRAGON remake, which began principal photography today. Where as the 1977 original was a blend of live-action and traditional animation,...
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Robert Redford in talks for Disney's Pete's Dragon remake

Robert Redford is in early negotiations to star in Disney's PETE'S DRAGON remake, according to THR . David Lowery (AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS) will direct the film from a script Lowery co-wrote with Toby Halbrooks, and it'll be live-action with CGI used for the dragon. If Redford does join the movie, the CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER star will be playing a...
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Casey Affleck and Ain't Them Bodies Saints director to reteam for the sci-fi film To Be Two

I haven't seen AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS yet, but I've heard nothing but fantastic things about the film and star Casey Affleck . THR has learned that director David Lowery and Affleck will be working together again for a science-fiction film called TO BE TWO. The movie will be adapted by Lowery from the Into the Silent Land: Travels in Neuropsychology collection by...
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Review: Ain't Them Bodies Saints (Sundance 2013)

PLOT: Ruth ( Rooney Mara ) and Bill ( Casey Affleck ) are outlaws- who scrape by pulling small-time jobs in the hills of Texas. When they're ambushed by the cops, and Ruth shoots a local deputy- Patrick ( Ben Foster ), Bill takes the wrap allowing the pregnant Ruth to go free. Years later, Bill escapes prison, and seeks to reunite with Ruth, and the daughter he never knew....
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