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Kristen Wiig has to hear Annette Bening getting spanked in the trailer for Girl Most Likely

It seems like Kristen Wiig can do no wrong, but will GIRL MOST LIKELY break that? The latest trailer for the film amps up the comedy bits (tons of comedy today) and still plays up the fact that Wiig's character is a total mess. Wiig's co-stars Annette Bening and Matt Dillion really shine here as well. Why can't we have Dillion in more comedic roles? He's got impeccable timing and...
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Updated: Kristen Wiig fakes suicide then has to move in with her mom in the trailer for Girl Most Likely

UPDATED: Aaaaaaannnnndddd it's gone! Lionsgate has been taking the trailers down, so when we get an official copy, the trailer will be replaced. Sorry about that! We've been hearing about Kristen Wiig 's indie film, IMOGENE...strike that, GIRL MOST LIKELY for some time now. Finally this thing gets a damn trailer. In it you will see a desperate girl who gets dumped by her...
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