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Review: Barely Lethal

PLOT: A teenage special agent escapes her demanding existence in favor of living a normal life as a high schooler. But are the pressures of being the new kid in school even more harrowing than the covert missions she's used to?  REVIEW: What could have been! BARELY LETHAL misses by a wide margin, and that's a shame because it has a fun idea it seems it's going...
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A new trailer for Hailee Steinfeld's Barely Lethal is barely entertaining

If I didn't know better I would have assumed that BARELY LETHAL had been laying on a dusty shelf somewhere since the late 90's and we're only now being graced by its presence. I really feel for Hailee Steinfeld because she's so much better that what's on display here; hopefully she at least cashed a nice check following production. A new trailer for the teen...
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Hailee Steinfeld is a teen assassin in the trailer for comedy Barely Lethal

If there is something that KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE proved, it is that there it potential for the teen spy movie. Seeing young people kick ass is something that Matthew Vaughn has proven in everything from KICK-ASS to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Unfortunately, BARELY LETHAL does not succeed in the same manner that Vaughn did. In fact, this movie seems more like a cross between MEAN GIRLS...
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First images from the teen spy pic Barely Lethal with Hailee Steinfeld and Samuel L. Jackson

Kind of like a mix between MEAN GIRLS and HANNA, the new action comedy BARELY LETHAL (from FANBOYS director Kyle Newman ), starring Hailee Steinfeld as "a teen trained to be a ­government agent" who decides to live a normal life by going to high school, but naturally can't avoid the perils that come with being a spy.  Samuel L. Jackson plays her mentor/trainer, named Hardman...
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