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Tracy Morgan & Luke Wilson will be shitheads in Macon Blair road comedy

The road comedy is a worn-out genre filled with fish-out-of-water gags and moments where the tone is, “Oh brother! Now what are we gonna do?” Just hearing “road trip comedy” is enough to make you wanna pass out, but when the title of the movie is THE SHITHEADS, and it stars Tracy Morgan and Luke Wilson , it may just be enough to perk you up. Yes, that...
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Jeremy Saulnier casts Jeffrey Wright & Alexander Skarsgard for Hold the Dark

Director Jeremy Saulnier has already made a serious name for himself with the likes of BLUE RUIN and GREEN ROOM, and from the sound of it, his next film will be just as gripping. HOLD THE DARK, adapted from the book of the same name, follows a wolf-expert and biologist who is called in on account of wolves attacking and killing children, only to find himself entangled in some serious...
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Review: Green Room

This was originally reviewed as part of our TIFF 2015 coverage. PLOT: After a gig gone bad, a band of punk rockers find themselves locked in a life and death battle with a deadly gang of neo-Nazis. REVIEW: Jeremy Saulnier broke out in a big way a few years ago with his darkly humorous revenge drama BLUE RUIN and now he's back with an ultra-ambitious follow-up...
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Interview: Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Jeremy Saulnier Talk Green Room!

What happens when a punk rock band is held captive by a bunch of psycho skinheads? Well, if you are talking about the new film GREEN ROOM, you'll find that it's a brutal assault on the senses. Director  Jeremy Saulnier (BLUE RUIN) delivers a masterful suspense thriller. My heart is still pounding in my chest. With a great cast and a heavy dose of punk rock and...
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Careful now with new red-band trailer for Green Room

Things go south, no doubt, in the latest red-band trailer for Jeremy Saulnier 's GREEN ROOM, and the results turn out to be pretty brutal. Yeah, that's some graphic violence they've got there. But that's what happens when a punk band squares off against white supremacists when death is on the line.  Saulnier's last film BLUE RUIN was hardly for the weak of...
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Patrick Stewart's villainous turn in Green Room is praised in new trailer

Catch anyone who has had an opportunity to see GREEN ROOM, and all you'll hear is raves about Patrick Stewart 's turn as the film's villain. Ask for more details and they'll simply tell you that you need to see it for yourself... and it's probably better that way. But now A24's latest trailer for the film is borrowing from those tactics to hype up the film's imminent release. It tells...
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Punks take on neo-Nazis in red-band trailer for Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room

Last month we showed you the first trailer for GREEN ROOM, and now a fairly brutal red-band trailer has been released for the upcoming movie. BLUE RUIN's Jeremy Saulnier wrote and directed the crime thriller, which focuses on "a young punk rock band who find themselves trapped in a secluded venue after stumbling upon a horrific act of violence, fighting for their lives...
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Patrick Stewart promises things won't end well in first Green Room trailer

A pretty intense teaser trailer has been released for GREEN ROOM, the upcoming crime thriller from BLUE RUIN director Jeremy Saulnier . The film will follow "a young punk rock band who find themselves trapped in a secluded venue after stumbling upon a horrific act of violence, fighting for their lives against a gang of white power skinheads," with Patrick Stewart...
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Patrick Stewart does a line of coke in new teaser for Starz's Blunt Talk

Earlier this year we got a first look at the upcoming Starz comedy Blunt Talk, and now a longer and better look at the show has been released. Blunt Talk comes from Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane and Bored to Death creator Jonathan Ames , and stars Patrick Stewart as Walter Blunt, "a British import intent on conquering the world of American cable news." The series...
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First look at Patrick Stewart as a Neo-Nazi in Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room

Patrick Stewart has tweeted the first look at his character from his new film GREEN ROOM, and no, it's not the image above of him with Ian McKellen and Elmo. Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier (BLUE RUIN), GREEN ROOM will follow a "young punk rock band who find themselves trapped in a secluded venue after stumbling upon a horrific act of violence, fighting for...
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Review: Blue Ruin

This review of BLUE RUIN originally ran as part of our TIFF 2013 coverage. PLOT: A vagrant's (Macon Blair) quiet existence is destroyed when he discovers that the man who murdered his parents has just been released from prison. REVIEW: BLUE RUIN does the impossible: it manages to bring something new to the “revenge pic”- a genre that's been in existence...
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