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The Fault In Our Stars writers to tackle New Mutants script for Josh Boone

Josh Boone is reuniting with a couple of old friends to work on NEW MUTANTS over at 20th Century Fox.  Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, who collaborated on the screenplay for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, in addition to THE SPECTACULAR NOW, have been brought on to tackle the writing duties for the X-MEN spin-off.  Launched as the first-ever X-Men comics...
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Willem Dafoe to voice Ryuk in Adam Wingard's Death Note

Production on Adam Wingard 's adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's manga series is currently underway in British Columbia and Mashable reports that a key role has finally been filled now that Willem Dafoe has signed on to voice the Shinigami known as Ryuk, the owner of the Death Note who drops it into the human world due to sheer boredom. After Light Turner (...
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Adam Wingard's Death Note adaptation moves from Warner Bros. to Netflix

It's not a done deal yet, but according to The Wrap , Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros. to acquire director Adam Wingard 's live-action DEATH NOTE movie. This comes on the heels of a recent report that WB is contemplating producing fewer "homegrown" films. Sources tell the site that movie (which will be rated R ) was "nearing the start of...
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Producer Roy Lee says Adam Wingard's Death Note adaptation will be rated R

We haven't heard much about Warner Bros. and director Adam Wingard 's (THE GUEST, YOU'RE NEXT) live-action DEATH NOTE moive since THE LEFTOVERS' Margaret Qualley was cast as the female lead opposite THE FAULT IN OUR STARS' Nat Wolff , but producer Roy Lee recently gave an update on the project during a conversation with Collider at a DICE panel. Lee tells the...
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The Leftovers' Margaret Qualley gets Adam Wingard's Death Note

If you haven't been watching Season 2 of THE LEFTOVERS on HBO, you've been missing out on another quality program the cable network has put into the television landscape. As an ensemble piece, each new episode has uncovered a different piece of the larger puzzle with a number of stellar performances to really build the show. One such contributor has been Margaret Qualley, who portrays...
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Nat Wolff cast as lead in Adam Wingard's live-action Death Note adaptation

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and PAPER TOWNS actor Nat Wolff wasn't able to land the gig as the new Spider-Man , but according to Variety , he is in final talks to star as the lead in Warner Bros.' live-action film version of the manga/anime series Death Note. While the character isn't mentioned by name in the site's report, based on the description ( "a student...
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Review: Ashby

  PLOT: A dying hit-man ( Mickey Rourke ) takes a quirky teen ( Nat Wolff ) under his wing in an attempt at redemption that might involve a killing or two. REVIEW: ASHBY is a good news/bad news situation for Mickey Rourke fans. The good news is that after years of wasting himself in DTV dreck, Rourke’s finally found himself a solid indie role – easily his best since THE...
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Review: Paper Towns

PLOT: After spending a night with the girl he loves, a young man soon realize that she has seemingly gone away for good. Soon, he discovers a series of clues that sets him off an adventure - along with his friends - to find the one that may have got away. REVIEW: There is something sweetly fantastical about the new teen romance PAPER TOWNS - a place on the map that doesn’t exist...
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Take a risk, find yourself, and check out the newest trailer for Paper Towns

The first trailer for PAPER TOWNS didn't exactly set the JoBlo community ablaze, but thankfully Twentieth Century Fox has released a new trailer which, if you weren't already into it, probably won't get you any more excited about the film. Oh well. PAPER TOWNS is the adaptation of the John Green novel by the same name and looks as though it may not be quite as depressing...
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Update: The Spider-Man actor shortlist includes Asa Butterfield and more

Update : Take this with a grain of salt but Latino-Review is reporting that Asa Butterfield has emerged as the front-runner for the role of Spidey. Latino-Review's sources tell them that " Marvel had liked him since day one. " We'll keep you updated but what do you folks think of the possibility of Asa Butterfield stepping into the shoes of Spider-Man?...
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Cara Delevingne is a manic pixie dream girl in the Paper Towns trailer

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS was a breakout film for director Josh Boone and actor Nat Wolff . In fact, Wolff will headline the adaptation of PAPER TOWNS from author John Green who wrote THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. This time, though, the female lead will not be dying of cancer but still disappears under mysterious circumstances. This first trailer for PAPER TOWNS starts out like your average...
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Weekend Box Office Report: June 6-8, 2014

Everyone is at Fault! Moviegoers ditched traditional summer material this weekend in favor of something a bit more dramatic, putting THE FAULT IN OUR STARS at the top of the box office with $48.2 million ! The adaptation of John Green's bestselling novel got almost as big a jump as actress Shailene Woodley 's previous young-adult adaptation...
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