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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Killer Joe, Total Recall, Resident Evil: Retribution ...

This week: A black Christmas with Killer Joe;  yet more Resident Evil; and the Total Recall no one remembers asking for. ► Matthew McConaughey pretty much ruled 2012, and KILLER JOE was his coronation. In this rowdy black comedy, he plays a Dallas hitman hired by a desperate gambling addict ( Emile Hirsch ) and his...
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Killing Them Softly, Premium Rush & Sinister Reviewed! What We Don't Want in the New Star Wars Movies!

Killing Them Softly, Sinister, Premium Rush, Hit and Run Reviews! Click above to LISTEN NOW! Law and Moreno start things off with some serious discussion about the future of superhero movies. Why would JGL be Batman? What other characters have to come back for the new X-MEN movie? From there Moreno visits the theater for...
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