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Jason Statham joins Melissa McCarthy in Susan Cooper

Melissa McCarthy has quickly made a name for herself as the go-to comedienne for odd-couple comedies, but her latest project sees her teamed up with a most unusual co-star: Jason Statham . Variety has confirmed that Statham has signed on for SUSAN COOPER, McCarthy's third collaboration with director Paul Feig (who directed her in BRIDESMAIDS and THE HEAT). Statham has been...
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Casting Round-Up with Damian Lewis, John Krasinski, and Jason Statham

Hello Nurse! Not sure if that ANIMANIACS reference fits, but that's what I felt like saying after seeing the photos of these actors. Now I'm just picturing Jason Statham in a ladies nurses uniform. I'm sorry if I've ruined your evening. Now since I've brought him up, let's talk about what good ol' Stathey is up to. Apparently the action star is eyeing a role in Paul Feig...
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Casting Round-Up Ladies Edition with Brie Larson and Rose Byrne

Here's another installment of Casting Round-Up Ladies Edition. This time we have Brie Larson and Rose Byrne up to the plate. I enjoy doing the "ladies edition" of Casting Round-Up because it allows me to find photos of these lovely ladies. Can we also discuss how perfect Rose Byrne is? Speaking of Byrne, this lovely lady has landed a role opposite Melissa McCarthy in...
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Paul Feig to direct female James Bond comedy Susan Cooper

Paul Feig , champion of women in film is working on something else for the ladies. After being inspired by the reintroduction of James Bond with Daniel Craig in 2006s CASINO ROYALE, Feig decided to write a Bond inspired female comedy called SUSAN COOPER. While I did mention that it was a comedy, it will not be a parody like JOHNNY ENGLISH. Instead it will hold more of a...
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