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A new synopsis for Edgar Wright's music-filled Baby Driver has been revealed

Long ago, Tuesday I’m pretty sure it was, we shared with you a pretty interesting story about how Edgar Wright came onboard to direct GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE. It’s a project that we won’t likely be seeing for a few more years. His other upcoming film however, BABY DRIVER , has been a sort-of mystery as there hasn’t been a lot said about the project. So far we...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Don't let The Expendabelles become a generic chick flick!

Not too long ago, there was an announcement of an all female version of THE EXPENDABLES hitting theaters, called THE EXPENDABELLES , which I personally thought sounded supremely awesome. While we've gotten films like UNDERWORLD , RESIDENT EVIL and KILL BILL featuring women kicking ass and taking names, this would be the first time a movie had so many gals doing that at the same...
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Who wants to read the official synopsis for Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall?

Finally! A synopsis for KICK-ASS 2 has been released. Oh, and it's no longer called KICK-ASS 2: BALLS TO THE WALL. Sans balls. Take note that the first 30 minutes are Hit-Girl, as told to us by Mark Millar, and the rest of the story is Kick-Ass. Of course, we will see Hit Girl AKA Mindy pop up throughout the film. I'm pretty excited for this thing. I read the second part, but...
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