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Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller almost made a Rolling Stones concert movie

During a conversation about how THIS IS 40 deals with a crumbling music industry, director Judd Apatow revealed details on a movie that was never made. In the early nineties, Apatow and frequent long time collaborator, Ben Stiller pitched the idea of a Rolling Stones concert comedy to the Rolling Stones. The film would have both narrative and show footage. Apparently the band...
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Cool Videos: NSFW music video for The Rolling Stones featuring a topless zombie-slaying Noomi Rapace

NSFW Warning!  The Rolling Stones are still rockin' five decades after their debut and recently released a new greatest hits album with two new songs, one of them being "Doom and Gloom," which now has an appropriately made music video directed by veteran helmer Jonas Ackerlund and starring the lovely Noomi Rapace.  The video features the aging rockers doing their thing, while Rapace...
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