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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Iron Man 3, V/H/S/2, Hannibal ...

This week: The biggest movie of the year ain't the usual Iron Man, the V/H/S sequel is even 'beta' than the first, and Room 237 dissects the craziness that is Kubrick. ► Maybe I'm still in the 'mind blown' phase. Maybe I'm still just too ecstatic that the movies I envisioned...
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Review: V/H/S/2

PLOT: Two private investigators break into his abandoned house and find another collection of mysterious VHS tapes while looking for a missing student. The tapes reveal several stories of violence and supernatural mayhem. REVIEW: So you know where I stand: I'm a big fan of anthologies, but was quite let down by V/H/S, which I found to be repetitive and fairly uninspired. My...
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Lots of blood, screaming, and bright lights in this red-band trailer for V/H/S/2

If you're into bloody horror anthologies and found footage features then V/H/S/2 is made to order just for you. The pic features a nice round-up of genre filmmakers including Gareth Evans (THE RAID: REDEMPTION), Simon Barrett (V/H/S), Jason Eisener (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN), Eduardo Sanchez (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT), Adam Wingard (YOU'RE NEXT), Gregg Hale (ALTERED), and...
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