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Michael Bay's found footage film Welcome to Yesterday pushed back

When I first saw the trailer for WELCOME TO YESTERDAY, I actually didnít sneer. I thought it was a nice alternative for the teens to go check out at the theater. Of course thereís a little debauchery, but if youíre that age and have access to a time machine then itís going to happen. Unfortunately it seems that the Michael Bay produced found footage film has been pushed back...
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2014 Paramount Pictures preview!

Although Paramount finished in 7th place overall for 2013, they did so without any bombs, believe it or not. With a lower count of films to market, the studio was able to focus more attention on their release slate, which in turn seemed to benefit them, particularly with breakout hits like WORLD WAR Z, GI JOE: RETALIATION, BAD GRANDPA, and even HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS. 2014 has a...
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Go back in time with the found footage time travel flick Welcome To Yesterday!

Fans of Josh Trank's CHRONICLE will no doubt get a kick out of the latest entry in the found-footage genre, WELCOME TO YESTERDAY, which deviates from monsters, aliens, and superpowers to focus instead on time travel. Much like CHRONICLE, the films has a group of kids getting their hands on power they don't quite understand (or respect) and forcing them to right the wrongs they...
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