Adria Arjona, Owain Yeoman part of The Belko Experiment

Last week, James Gunn began making casting announcements on his personal Facebook page for THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, the thriller he scripted and is producing with Peter Safran. By the end of the week, we knew the cast would include John Gallagher Jr. as Mike Pelk, Tony Goldwyn as Barry Norris, Melonie Diaz as Dany Wilkins, John C. McGinley as Wendell Dukes, and Michael Rooker as Bud Melks.

Since he got off to a slow start after the holiday weekend, Gunn decided to announce two cast members in his latest update, noting that "One of the cool things about doing a movie with 79 people trapped in an office building forced to kill each other or be killed is that you get to cast a LOT of actors."

Filling in two more of those 79 roles are Adria Arjona and Owain Yeoman. Gunn had this to say about the actors and their characters:

Adria Arjona will be playing one of the most pivotal characters in the film, Leandra Jerez, an American of Colombian descent who works as Barry Norris's Chief Executive Assistant. You may have not seen much of Adria yet, but she has a big role in the upcoming second season of True Detective. We did a huge amount of auditions for Leandra, from newcomers to extremely recognized names, and Adria came in and blew us all away.

Then we have my old friend Owain Yeoman. Owain will be playing Terry Winters, a British family man, whose relationship to his family at home versus the close friendships he has in Belko are set against each other. You may know Owain from his long run on The Mentalist or his role in American Sniper. I've known him personally for nearly ten years, and we've wanted to work together all that time. Finally, we've gotten our chance with Belko. He truly killed at the table read the other day.

THE BELKO EXPERIMENT starts filming next week in Bogota, Colombia, with WOLF CREEK director Greg McLean at the helm.

The pairing of Gunn and McLean was enough to sell me on this one right away, but the more the project gains steam, the more hyped I'm getting for it.

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