Tarot Review

Rating: 3/10

If you take the chance to see this in theaters, it doesn’t matter what month you were born, your reading is all the same: boredom.

Humane Review

Rating: 8/10

Caitlin Cronenberg does her family name proud in this Dystopian future where families are asked to Euthanize members for the greater good.

Arcadian Review

Rating: 7/10

With shades of A Quiet Place, Arcadian has a few really suspenseful scenes but it’s polarizing creature design may turn off viewers.

Damaged Review

Rating: 6/10

Samuel L Jackson chews a ton of scenery in this crime thriller, but little else fails to captivate in what’s sure to be a polarizing film.

Blackout Review

Rating: 7/10

Review: Larry Fessenden puts his stamp on the idea of the wolf man with his new horror film Blackout, starring Alex Hurt and Addison Timlin

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