Backmask gets a new image and a slew of updates

BACKMASK! When the hell is this movie coming out? It seems like we've been hearing about it forever now. Thankfully the Marcus Nispel directed, rock 'n roll horror film has just received a slew of updates.

Along with a new image (which can be seen below), F.X./makeup creator Shaun Smith has heaped high praise on the film and its director:

"[BACKMASK is] My prediction for the best ensemble performance of the year! If not, I'll eat a 'rotten tomato.' This was a great cast of young people and their fondness for each other really comes through on screen! My effects were just the icing on the cake of this feel good movie. It's always enjoyable to work with Marcus."

A new synopsis for the film also gives us some insights on its punk-rock aesthetic: In what's being called THE EXORCIST meets THE HANGOVER, BACKMASK sees a bunch of party kids tinker with the occult and when one of them gets befallen by a demon, they attempt a D.I.Y. exorcism.

That sounds amazing. I'm not always huge on Nispel's films (loved CONAN, enjoyed FRIDAY THE 13th) but the guy is undeniably talented. With a cast that includes Stephen Lang and Gage Golightly, BACKMASK seems like a film that's worth getting excited about. Check out the image for yourself below and talkback as to whether or not you agree with this sentiment.

Extra Tidbit: While Smith heaped praise on Nispel, the director was classy enough to do the same, calling the artist "a major creative force and helps in the decision making process on all of the big issues starting with script choices, all the way to final cut."
Source: Fangoria



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