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A couple years ago, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys gathered together several of his fellow boy band members for a "post-apocalyptic western" zombie movie called DEAD 7 (pictured above), which he wrote and starred in. During a guest appearance at the Walker Stalker convention in Atlanta last month, Carter revealed that he is now plotting another horror film, leaving the zombie sub-genre behind and moving on to a different sub-genre: 

Carter and his DEAD 7 director Danny Roew are currently writing a screenplay for a slasher movie.

Carter explained that he had been getting into the Halloween spirit by watching horror movies before going to the convention, some of his favorites being films from the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise.

Jason Voorhees is above all. Sorry, Freddy. No disrepect."

(The AITH staff is with him on his choice of favorite boogeyman.)

With slashers and F13 fresh in his mind, Carter was struck by an idea for a slasher script when he arrived at Walker Stalker - 

(It's) ironic, that I'm that blonde boy from the Backstreet Boys, in a boy band, that I have a very dark side to me and I cannot get away from horror. I've always wanted to do a slasher movie ... and you come to these events, and when you see The Walking Dead or these things, it's all character-driven. It's about finding a character that people will remember in the time to come, and so right now I've got a really cool concept and a cool story. Now I'm going to start to draw the characters out, and I'm going to start to prepare. It's going to be multiple characters in a movie (with) a little bit of comedy and a lot of horror."

From that quote, it sounds like Carter and Roew are aiming to introduce more than one memorable slasher in their film.

It will be interesting to watch the progress on this one as Carter continues to work on it. I'm all for more slasher movies getting made, and when making one FRIDAY THE 13TH / Jason Voorhees is a great inspiration to have in mind.

Carter has faced off with a slasher before, having encountered the sword-wielding Headless Horseman in the 2004 film THE HOLLOW.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen DEAD 7?
Source: Walker Stalker



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