Bask in the absurdity of the Roboshark trailer

Back in 2013, UFO International Productions brought the world ROBOCROC, in which a zoo's prized crocodile became a rampaging cyborg after ingesting the nanobot payload of a crashed rocket. Now the company has made ROBOSHARK, which seems to be a fishy remake of sorts, as it centers on a shark that swallows an object that has crashed down from space and is transformed into a murderous robot.

In recent years, these over-the-top "nature run amok" movies have given us sharks that can move through the ground, sharks in the snow, a shark that leapt from the sea to destroy a plane, and a shark that appeared in a swimming pool. ROBOSHARK not only gives us all of those things in one movie, it also has its shark coming up through the sewer system, sporting heavy artillery, and even following people on Twitter... When sharks get on the internet, we truly will be doomed.

Written and directed by Jeffery Scott Lando, ROBOSHARK promises to be one of the most ridiculous bad-on-purpose shark flicks yet. If it looks and sounds appealing to you, tune in when the movie makes its premiere on Syfy next Saturday, July 18th, as part of the channel's "Sharknado Week" event.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching ROBOSHARK?
Source: UFOfilm



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