Blake Lively in talks for Jaume Collet-Serra's shark thriller In the Deep

Losing director Louis Leterrier and replacing him at the helm with HOUSE OF WAX/ORPHAN director Jaume Collet-Serra in June apparently hasn't set back Sony's shark thriller IN THE DEEP too much, if at all. Just a month and a half after securing a new director, the project is now seeking its leading lady. 

Blake Lively is in talks to take the role of

a young woman who is dealing with the recent death of her mother who, while surfing on an isolated beach, gets stranded 20 yards off shore on a buoy. What lies between her and the shore is a huge great white shark.

Scripted by Tony Jaswinski and described as 127 HOURS meets JAWS and GRAVITY, the project appeals to Lively because it is apparently just as much of a one woman show as the synopsis makes it sound. Discussions with the actress are said to be at a "sensitive point" however, because IN THE DEEP's schedule conflicts with Woody Allen's next movie, which Lively is already signed on for.

It would be nice if things can be worked out, but the concept of IN THE DEEP is interesting enough to me that I'll be seeing the movie either way.

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Source: THR



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