Evil Dead remake trailer leaks and the film's composer is announced

Hot on the heels of the CARRIE trailer, we finally have our first look at Fede Alvarez's THE EVIL DEAD. The catch-- it's bootleg footage, it hasn't been verified as authentic (but seems to sync up with our NYCC coverage) and it probably isn't going to be up for long. Check it out below whip-snap!

The film's composer was also announced yesterday by the director via Twitter. Roque Baños, the composer behind Brad Anderson's THE MACHINIST, has been chosen to do the film's music. This marks the first time a composer besides series stalwart Joseph Loduca has scored an EVIL DEAD film.

That probably works as, based on the trailer below, we're going to be dealing with a very different take on THE EVIL DEAD formula. Aside from the Necronomicon and the Cabin, Alvarez appears to be doing his own thing. Is this a good thing? Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

Extra Tidbit: The reports aren't overstating it-- this looks bloody as hell.
Source: Daily MotionTwitter



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