Celebrate Halloween with Friday the 13th 4-D: A Deadly 4-D Experience

The Halloween season is my favorite time of the year and FRIDAY THE 13TH is my favorite horror franchise, so while the HALLOWEEN series may be the more obvious and appropriate one to use as a theme for October festivities, I always enjoy seeing people opt to celebrate the holiday with hockey masked icon Jason Voorhees instead.

This year, "FRIDAY THE 13TH for Halloween" celebrations will be in full swing at select venues with 4-D capabilities, as Warner Bros. Consumer Products and SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment have teamed up to create a short called FRIDAY THE 13TH 4-D: A DEADLY 4-D EXPERIENCE.

The short itself will be in 3-D, with the extra dimension coming from effects done within the theatre that coincide with what's on screen, making it an even more immersive experience. Things like bursts of air, specific scents, mists of water, and vibrating seats are all possibilities in a 4-D theatre.

So far there are two places confirmed to be showing FRIDAY THE 13TH 4-D; Kennywood Park in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, as part of their Phantom Fright Nights event, and the Fright Dome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

Beyond that, nothing is known about what FRIDAY THE 13TH 4-D: A DEADLY 4-D EXPERIENCE has in store for its audiences. In fact, the two venues describe the short differently: Fright Dome says it will feature Jason Voorhees killing thirteen victims in 13 minutes, while Kennywood describes it as a 9 minute chase sequence.

Hopefully we'll learn more about this short/experience as October draws near.

Extra Tidbit: Would you like to see FRIDAY THE 13TH in 4-D?



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