Chucky 7 rumors are resurrected on Twitter

In what has become a kind of bi-annual tradition, rumors of CHUCKY 7 have been flittering across Twitter once more. This time, they come in the form of CURSE OF CHUCKY star (and daughter of Chucky himself) Fiona Dourif, who tweeted this picture of SEED/CURSE writer-director Don Mancini, who has been the series screenwriter since day one:

This tweet is frustratingly opaque. That picture could be from anywhere and anytime. And if Dourif is involved with the shoot enough to have obtained this picture, she certainly doesn't need to ask if it's being made.

Normally, I'd ignore the tweet entirely, but in between Twitter battles with angry conservatives, Mancini replied with this:

Does this mean that CHUCKY 7 is in pre-production as we speak? No, of course it doesn't. But the fact that the cast and crew are excited about the project and working to build buzz (which is almost certainly all this is) means that it could be a distinct possibility in the near future. I hope.

Extra Tidbit: What do you make of these tweets?



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