Cool Horror Gear: V/H/S on VHS!

Okay, so V/H/S may have fallen short of its hyped up reputation, but that doesn't mean the film's novelty factor shouldn't be exploited to its fullest. With the VHS nostalgia boom in full swing, it was only a matter of time before V/H/S was re-released on the format as a collecter's item.

Thankfully, Momentum Pictures has stepped up to the plate to give the film the big box treatment it deserves. The only problem? It seems to be Region 2 only. However, since there is only going to be a run of 300 tapes, I doubt many people will actually be watching these bad boys anyway. Momentum is keeping very hush-hush about their January distribution, so keep on the lookout for more details. While you're at it, take in the clam shelled beauty below.

Extra Tidbit: I still have yet to see the movie. With all the mixed reviews, I figure I'll catch it streaming whenever it hits Netflix.
Source: Total Film



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