Cool Horror Videos: Trailer for fan film The Confession of Fred Krueger

Most horror fans are probably familiar with the art of Nathan Thomas Milliner. He has created some awesome imagery, most notably for Horrorhound and Scream Factory, jobs which have allowed him to work with some of the genre's most iconic characters. One of the characters Milliner has drawn multiple times is Freddy Krueger, which is fitting since A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is his all-time favorite horror movie.

Milliner is also a writer and filmmaker, and such an ELM STREET fan that he has now made an interesting looking fan film entitled THE CONFESSION OF FRED KRUEGER, a prequel to the franchise that centers on Krueger's arrest for the evil crimes he committed before he became the burn-scarred dream stalker seen in Milliner's favorite.

It's tough to fill the shoes of Robert Englund, as Jackie Earle Haley found out in the 2010 ELM STREET remake, but Milliner seems to have found the perfect Krueger for his film, having cast Kevin Roach in the role. The preview of Roach's performance given in the trailer below has me ready to watch the full movie right now. 

THE CONFESSION OF FRED KRUEGER will be making its debut at the Horrorhound Weekend convention in Indianapolis, Indiana this September. That's a very appropriate venue, as the show is set to be packed with guests from the ELM STREET series.

Extra Tidbit: How does the CONFESSION look to you?
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