Corin Hardy to direct The Conjuring 2 spin-off The Nun

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After making his feature directorial debut with the dark, sludge-coated horror film THE HALLOW, Corin Hardy - at the recommendation of Edgar Wright - landed a very high profile gig: he became the latest director to be attached to the long-in-development remake of THE CROW. Unfortunately, THE CROW has remained in development hell since Hardy became involved, and even though it has made some promising progress recently (Jason Momoa signed on to star and the rights were sold off by a troubled studio), it looks like it's going to be a while longer before THE CROW gets off the ground, especially since Momoa is about to start work on the AQUAMAN movie, which is going to be directed by THE CONJURING / THE CONJURING 2's James Wan.

But don't feel sorry for Corin Hardy. While Wan keeps his THE CROW star busy, Hardy is going to be busy himself, as he has been chosen to direct THE NUN, the spin-off from THE CONJURING 2. It's a spin-off that doesn't make all that much sense, since the demonic nun the film will be centered on had a very specific reason for being in THE CONJURING 2 that wouldn't carry over into another movie, but the nun is coming back regardless and this is another high profile gig for Hardy.

The screenplay for THE NUN has been written by Wan and Gary Dauberman, the writer of the other CONJURING spin-offs ANNABELLE and the upcoming ANNABELLE 2 (which is scheduled for release on August 11th and has been directed by LIGHTS OUT's David F. Sandberg.) Story details are being kept under wraps.

The existence of THE NUN might seem questionable at this point, but after watching THE HALLOW I'm confident that Hardy will be able to do something entertaining with the concept.

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