Courtney B. Vance enlists for the reboot of The Mummy

Courtney B. Vance, who could recently be seen playing Johnnie Cochran in the FX series The People vs. O.J. Simpson and appeared in last summer's TERMINATOR GENISYS as Miles Dyson, has signed on to portray an Army Colonel in director Alex Kurtzman's reboot of the Universal classic THE MUMMY.

Vance joins a cast that includes Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, and Jake Johnson, with Sofia Boutella as the mummy.

Written by Jon Spaihts (PROMETHEUS), this take on THE MUMMY centers on 

Navy SEAL Tyler Colt, who goes on a mission in the Iraqi desert to find a group of terrorists hiding out in a bunker. 

However their prey turn out to be mere grave robbers who have all magically died, and when they go inside the bunker Tyler and his team also succumb to some mystical forces out of their control, which is when they realise they are actually in an ancient tomb. 

While his men end up turning on each other, Tom's character is the only one make it all the way deep within the tomb alive and find an ominous black iron sarcophagus. 

After he tries to open it he is stabbed in the palm and his mind is cursed with visions of The Mummy.

THE MUMMY is part of the "Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe" project that is being overseen by producers Kurtzman and Chris Morgan. The plan is to reboot all of Universal's monster icons, including Frankenstein and his Bride, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Invisible Man, as well as monster hunter Van Helsing.

DRACULA UNTOLD wasn't originally meant to be part of the cinematic universe, but some tweaks were done in post-production to tie it in.

Sofia Boutella

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