Cuba Gooding Jr is Summoned in serial killer flick; trailer and images here

Cuba Gooding Jr., firmly ensconced in the direct-to-DVD market, has a supernatural serial killer flick on the horizon called SUMMONED, and we've got the trailer, poster and a handful of still to share with you from it. It looks to be a step above Cuba's most recent efforts, but that is not saying a whole lot, admittedly...

Five years ago, Laura Alcott and eleven other jurors found the notorious serial killer Simon Bourdias guilty of capital murder, and he was sentenced to death. But now, mysterious things are beginning to happen to the jury members and tragedies claim the lives of one after the other. Laura realizes these deaths are not a coincidence as she begins to investigate the murders with the help of Detective Callendar and Detective Fletcher. Soon, she will uncover a dangerous truth - like each juror before her, Laura is also being SUMMONED.

SUMMONED also stars Ashley Scott and Bailey Chase; it's due to drop sometime in 2013.

Extra Tidbit: This film was directed by Peter Sullivan, who also helmed the classics THE DOG WHO SAVED HALLOWEEN and CHRISTMAS TWISTER.
Source: Starz



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