Director says The Haunting of Sharon Tate won't focus on the Manson Family

Last week, we let you guys know that Sharon Tate's sister Debra Tate told People magazine that she found the upcoming Hilary Duff Sharon Tate film THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE to be "tasteless." Today we have word about what we can expect from the film via it's writer-director himself Daniel Farrands, who recently spoke to our buddies over at Dread Central and dropped new info on his approach to the controversial subject matter.

Daniel Farrands:

When I approached the idea of telling a new version of these tragic murders, I didn’t want to focus on the Manson ‘Family’ or the indefensible motives behind their horrific crimes. Instead, I wanted to make a film about Sharon Tate and her friends in the final days leading up to the murders. The story is inspired by an actual interview given by Sharon a year before her death where she described a nightmare in which she saw a strange man in the house and then discovered herself and her friend Jay Sebring tied up with their throats cut open. I thought the idea of Sharon being haunted by premonitions of her own demise was a fascinating way into the story and one that focuses on Sharon’s strength and resilience of character rather than portraying her and her friends as helpless victims.

All of this sounds fair enough to me. Yes, it is sad what happened to Sharon Tate and her housemates that night, but there have been numerous films already produced on the murder so I think it's nice to have a movie out there that focuses more on the people directly affected versus the cult that carried out the tragic events.

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Production is underway on the film which:

takes a look at the last days leading up to Sharon Tate's death from her point of view. The plot is inspired by an actual quote from Tate, from an interview published a year before her death, wherein she reveals having dreams about ghosts haunting her house and foreseeing her own death at the hands of a satanic cult. 

Houston-based entrepreneur Jim Jacobsen’s Skyline Entertainment fully financed the picture with Lucas Jarach and Eric Brenner producing. Jacobsen and Jorge Garcia Castro are executive producing. Skyline Entertainment recently financed the Amityville origin story THE AMITYVILLE MURDERS also written and directed by Farrands, which just completed post-production and is screening for distributors.

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