Dominic Monaghan has a twisted idea of love in Pet trailer

Pet Carles Torrens Dominic Monaghan Ksenia Solo

A passion project for star Dominic Monaghan that spent eight years in development hell, the psychological thriller PET has finally been shot and completed with director Carles Torrens at the helm and is heading toward a December release. With PET soon to be unleashed and sent out into the world, a trailer has arrived online to offer a preview of what is being called a twisted love story.

Written by THE LAZARUS EFFECT's Jeremy Slater, that story is said to be in the vein of HARD CANDY and GONE GIRL, and 

deals with the themes of identity, loneliness, selflessness and what it means to truly possess another. It's told through the prism of two isolated people.

Seth bumps into his old high school crush and quickly becomes obsessed with her. He takes her captive underneath the animal shelter where he works but soon suspects that his old flame is not who she seems to be. PET is at its heart a dark love story which examines how much one is willing to sacrifice in the name of love.

Ksenia Solo is the crush Monaghan's character keeps in a cage, and she has a much different reaction to the situation than he expected. Also in the cast are Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Parsons, and Gary Tunnicliffe.

PET will be reaching limited theatres and VOD on December 2nd, and will then be available on DVD as of December 27th. Judging by the trailer, it looks like Monaghan was right to stick with it for so many years.

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