Dredd 2 is dead; could live on as a short

The bad news: Dredd 2 is officially dead.

In an AMA on Reddit last week, DREDD 3D producer Adi Shankar killed the hopes of seeing a big-screen sequel to the box-office dud but fan-favorite that our own The Arrow described as a "no BS, action driven, stylish and violent as f*ck action/sci-fi film that kept on delivering the goods" (a very fitting description!). This is disheartening news to fans who had hoped that the films DVD/Blu-Ray sales and strong word-of-mouth could potentially generate interest in the sequel. As to why it will not happen Shankar stated...

It’s because the movie totally bombed & R-rated movies are a tough sell to begin with.

I like to think that the lax attempt at a proper marketing campaign by Lionsgate also hurt any chances of DREDD being a hit. You gotta admit, it wasn't pushed very hard at all.

But there may be some hope of seeing the Judge return, albeit in a different way.

The good news: DREDD could live on as a short, ala "Dirty Laundry".

Shankar shared that he is working on a Dredd short in the vein of the Thomas Jane-produced PUNISHER fan film, which Shankar also produced. No word on whether or not DREDD star Karl Urban would be donning the helmet again.

So with no DREDD 2 on the horizon the potential franchise is officially dead. For now. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that Lionsgate recognizes the fan interest in the property and decides to give it another shot.


Extra Tidbit: Who else could you picture in the DREDD role?
Source: MTV News



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