Exclusive Interview: Horns author Joe Hill talks film adaptation at SDCC!

Last week, Radius/TWC brought their adaptation of HORNS to San Diego Comic-Con for all the world to see. Directed by Alexandre Aja and starring Daniel Radcliffe, the film follows a disturbed young man who, after being falsely accused of killing his girlfriend, wakes up one morning to find he's sprouted horns from his head. And that's just the beginning of this bizarre journey.

This idea comes from the mind of Joe Hill, son of Stephen King and prolific author in his own right. (He also wrote the books NOS4A2 and HEART-SHAPED BOX, and the graphic novel series "Locke & Key".) Hill is an executive producer on the HORNS film, and though he didn't write the screenplay, his influence is certainly felt on the project. I had a chance to talk to him about his thoughts on the end result, Radcliffe's performance and the progress of "Locke & Key".

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