Exclusive Interviews: Talking Ash vs Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell and cast!

Ash is back, baby, and he's just as groovy as ever. This Halloween, Starz will resurrect one of the all-time great horror movie characters - on television - in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell returns as Ashley J. Williams, lunkheaded lothario and only hope for humanity against a swarm of unholy demons ready to reign hellfire upon the Earth. Along the way he picks up a few friends and, naturally, makes a few new enemies, but he's the same old Ash: Unreasonably cocky, frequently dumb as a brick, and just crazy enough to actually get shit done. He's not the hero we deserve, god no, but he'll just have to do.

I was lucky enough to recently attend the press junket for Ash vs Evil Dead, where I was finally able to meet the great Bruce Campbell. Somehow, in all the years I've been doing this, I had never crossed paths with the man, but this was the perfect occasion. No sugar was given, but a fun, lively chat was had. Watch below as Bruce talks the benefits of Ash being on Starz, finding a new generation of Ash fans and more!



As mentioned, Ash has a handful of fresh new faces joining him in his perilous quest against the deadites. Two major characters are Amanda Fisher, played by Jill Marie Jones, a cop who stumbles into the hellish reality of this new demonic uprising, and Lucy Lawless' Ruby, a mysterious woman who knows more about the deadites than anyone else (save for Ash, perhaps). I spoke to Lawless and Jones about their characters, joining the Evil Dead universe, and plenty more!


Finally, we have Pablo and Kelly. As played by Ray Santiago and Dana Delorenzo, Pablo and Kelly are Ash's (unwilling?) sidekicks in his battle against the forces of darkness. At first just the man's coworkers at his day job, Pablo and Kelly quickly find themselves his demon-slaying cohorts; by the end of the first episode, they're in too deep to turn back. They're going to spend a lot of time with Ash, which anyone who has done so will tell you isn't the easiest thing in the world, but Santiago and Delorenzo themselves appear to be having a blast, which is evidenced in the below interview where the two speak enthusiastically about this insane new journey they're on.


Extra Tidbit: Check out our review of the first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead right HERE.

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