Exclusive: Masked female slasher flick Angel gears up for production

One of the things I feel our genre has been missing is a masked female slasher villain. That was always one of my big pitches to any producer willing to listen to me spit ideas. Unfortunately, the idea never took hold (as of yet) but it looks like someone found it a good idea as we now have a flick headed our way featuring just such a villain!

The flick is called ANGEL and is coming our way from the filmmakers behind THE WICKED ONE, DON'T F*CK IN THE WOODS, and VOLUMES OF BLOOD.

I had the chance to talk to producer P.J. Starks about the flick recently and he was kind enough to give AITH an EXCLUSIVE quote on the upcoming slasher flick. You can check out his quote below along with the film's full synopsis and more info.

After checking all of that out, let us know what you think of the flick so far and the idea of a masked female slasher villain on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

EXCLUSIVE quote from Producer P.J. Starks:

Tory's last film The Wicked One picked up some good traction and seemed to get a lot of love, so what he was doing was already on my radar. Angel is more atmosphere than blood and guts but has that slasher appeal that I love so much. I was recently talking with someone about the need for a masked female antagonist in a sub-genre where the prolific masked murderers are predominantly male. When Tory approached me about helping with Angel it came at the right time. I'm really excited to be on board and look forward to seeing this flick come to fruition.

ANGEL synopsis:

When a brutal massacre plagued the isolated and peaceful town of Raven Rock in 1986, the remaining residents fled, leaving the once tranquil community behind. For thirty years the town has been chained and walled off from the outside world while deteriorating and crumbling. However, not all has been quiet as disappearances have been attributed to the supposedly haunted town. Now a headstrong journalist and her team venture to Raven Rock to investigate the town, its history, and the missing persons. What they will discover is sometimes the truth is more disturbing than myth and Raven Rock is still being occupied.

ANGEL is written and directed by Tory Jones and produced by Shawn Burkett and P.J. Starks. The film stars Jessica Bloom and Dale Miller. More casting will be announced soon.

For more info, you can follow the film on Facebook HERE and check out the official website HERE.

Extra Tidbit: DON'T F*CK IN THE WOODS is a great movie title
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