EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Yapping The Victim with Michael Biehn @ Amoeba Records!


Last week, we had the amazing opportunity to chat with the great Michael Biehn. He can currently be seen in the post apocalyptic horror tale THE DIVIDE, which is playing in limited release. Check out part one of the interview here where he talks about the tension amongst the cast, and the use of improvisation to bring the characters to life.

Yet, this talented actor has much more in store in the works. His next feature is a very personal story, written, directed and starring Biehn himself. THE VICTIM is a throwback to early grind house cinema in every way. It is a low-budget fright flick that also stars the lovely and talented Danielle Harris – a genre favorite – and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Michael’s beautiful and also talented (real life) wife.

In part two of our conversation, Michael talks about the challenge of not only making a low budget feature, but he opens up regarding the many hurdles of getting it out there for audiences to see. All of these challenges are still very real and very prominent for THE VICTIM which was recently picked up by Anchor Bay Films for North American distribution. There are very few actors with the honesty and intensity that Biehn possess. It is certainly unusual - yet a breath of fresh air - for an actor to express the dark side of the business. We all know it exists even if it is usually an unspoken topic from actors promoting a film.

It is that same honesty that makes Biehn one of the most exciting actors working today. His passion and charisma make for one of the most underrated talents this side of Hollywood. Here is hoping his recent work will bring him back to the spotlight. And of course, we personally thank both Michael and Jennifer for taking time out to chat with us. And a special thanks to Amoeba Records for lending us the space again and again.


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