Explore the premises of this massive American Horror Story: Hotel poster

The new American Horror Story: Hotel poster has it all: A cross-dressing Denis O'Hare, a gorgeous superfluity of beat-looking rockers, and a Lady Gaga dress so long it forms the entire carpet. Random children are scattered around the poster, which unfortunately confirms my fears that Hotel will probably attempt to go the "creepy kid" route, which feels slightly tacked on. But still! The aesthetic here is charged and dapper and ready to go. It's hard to complain. Check out the full image below!

In the first episode, titled "Checkin In":

Detective and family man John Lowe (Wes Bentley) investigates a chain of gruesome murders in Los Angeles. A mysterious tip points him to the enigmatic Hotel Cortez. 

Premiering October 7th on FX, the new season of American Horror Story also stars Evan Peters, Matt Bomer, Finn Wittrock, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Cheyenne Jackson, Max Greenfield, Lily Rabe, Naomi Campbell, Madchen Amick, Darren Criss and Chloe Sevigny.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the direction this season seems to be taking?
Source: FX



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