Fede Alvarez talks Evil Dead 2: waiting on the 'right idea'

Several months ago we learned that EVIL DEAD director Fede Alvarez was still onboard the sequel to last years hit remake, stating that the continutation was 'very much alive', although there hasn't been any word as to when we can expect it to happen. Flash forward several months and today the status of the proposed sequel remains much the same, although Alvarez has suggested that it will happen when the time is right.

Speaking with Shock Till You Drop, Alvarez shared that he's still very much interested in making EVIL DEAD 2 happen, but is waiting on the 'right idea', stating...

"Sam, Bruce and Rob Tapert and I are good friends and we talk to one another often and we're always coming up with new ideas and projects," he said. "Sam is teasing Army of Darkness 2, which he is working on the script with his brother, but at the same time Evil Dead 2 is something we definitely want to do at some point. But part of the reason I think the last one was successful is because Sam took his time to find the right team of people to do it. We took the time to find the right script and all of that. If you had Evil Dead 2 coming out the following year, it's just for the market, not because you've found the right idea. It takes time to find the right idea and that's what we're doing. It's always in the background and always in our heads. And every time I talk with Sam, we're bouncing around ideas to find what would be the perfect sequel."

I can appreciate that they weren't quick to churn out a sequel just to make a buck. Alvarez and company seem genuinely interested in making a quality sequel that fans will appreciate. That's actually quite refreshing to hear in this day and age of quickie cash-grab sequels. Still, I'm eager for a sequel so let's hope that right idea comes to them soon!

Extra Tidbit: Which film would you be more excited to see? An EVIL DEAD sequel or ARMY OF DARKNESS 2?
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